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Canadian Cycling Association Purchases up to 30 CompuTrainers for Canadian National Team cyclists

To further its aim of winning Olympic medals, the Canadian Cycling Association has been using CompuTrainer since 1996. All the national team cycling coaches and national team athletes have CompuTrainers for testing and training. The CCA recently received a federal government equipment grant for high performance programs which is allowing it to purchase up to 30 additional Model Pro3D (Lab Version) CompuTrainers for use by national Development Team cyclists. Comments by National Development Coach Kris Westwood provide useful background on the CCA's reasons for selecting CompuTrainer.

Comments of Kris Westwood, CCA National Development Coach, in an interview on February 28, 2008:
"We have been using CompuTrainer since the Nintendo days! We use it for performance testing performance testing of our top national athletes. There is no other indoor trainer that has the full range of features of CompuTrainer."

"I am talking about the quality of calibration, the capability to pre-set a wattage load, highly consistent results: It is lab quality equipment."

"Our testing protocols are now built around CompuTrainer. That is how much confidence we have in the quality of this product."

"We received a federal government equipment grant for high performance programs� The aim of these programs is ultimately to win Olympic medals, but objectives include athlete development, a battery of testing, and athlete retention."

"It is important for us that athletes can train for competition at the top level without disrupting their lives to do so. So they can study at university, for example, while training for elite level competition."

"CompuTrainer makes it much easier for athletes to stay at home in winter and train. The altermative would be to travel to a warm climate."

"Some of our athletes use CompuTrainer in the summer months, too, for high-intensity training sessions, rather than go outside. That way they can closely control the atmospheric variables of wind and temperature and get a result they can more accurately compare with the previous session."