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Ironman Arizona and Half Ironman California Bike Courses Available for Race Preparation
CompuTrainer owners have a major advantage in preparing for almost all Ironman Qualifying races---they can practice ride the bike course as often as they want at home! All the Ironman bike courses in North America (and most of the courses in other countries) are freely available in the CompuTrainer course library. Athletes entered in early season races like Ironman Arizona and Half Ironman California find training on the CompuTrainer courses especially helpful, particularly if they live in snow states where training on the road is impossible.
Scott Kurek from Columbus, Ohio, has an interesting story to tell about his preparation for Powerman Alabama 2003:
"Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your product. For years I've been reading the claims of CompuTrainer athletes on your website and in advertisements, however, I always dismissed them as "sponsored" athletes being paid to make these claims. Due to an extremely harsh winter in Ohio, I finally broke down and got a CompuTrainer in mid-February. I've always been someone that hated training on my bike indoors. So much so, that for the last few years I headed for Florida for 3 weeks to get in my early base training. However, this year with a 20 month old running around the house and my schedule not allowing it, I was forced indoors to try and get in shape for the upcoming Powerman race in March. As it were the weather continued to be bad in Ohio and with only 6 weeks to go before Powerman I did not have high expectations for the race. I started riding the CompuTrainer 4 days a weeks. Two endurance workouts and two higher intensity time trial efforts. At first I was bummed out because the CompuTrainer workouts were absolutely kicking my butt! Which I assumed was because I did not have my annual Florida base miles in. However, with the many data points available on the CompuTrainer I quickly noticed big gains in my wattage and overall power in just a couple of weeks. As it got closer to the Powerman race the weather continued to be bad in Ohio and I was only able to ride outside 3 times. Leading up to the Powerman race my longest workout on the CompuTrainer was just 80 minutes total. This was quite a bit less than I would of preferred for this long of race. Race day arrived and I could not believe the power I had in my legs during the race. Riding on the road never felt so easy. I easily out road everyone in my age group and finished 4th overall with the 7th fastest bike split overall including the pros! I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to have a tool that after 15 years of racing has allowed be to get faster on the bike with less time and training. The weather has finally gotten nice in Ohio - but don't look for me on the roads this season. I'll be in my basement on my CompuTrainer getting FASTER!


Shannon Kurek
1st Place 30-34 Powerman Alabama
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