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Lisa Bentley Named 2004 Long Course Triathlete of the Year
Triathlete Magazine has named Lisa Bentley Long Course Triathlete of the year for 2004.  Lisa had a brilliant year starting in January when she won the first 1/2 Ironman distance race in Pucon, Chile, on January 25th for the third year in a row. Six weeks before the race on December 8th she broke four ribs and an elbow in a bike crash. The likelihood that she could race in Pucon appeared remote. Intensive rehabilitation with three specialists, much pain and hard work (including daily CompuTrainer sessions) enabled Lisa after a 5 hour CompuTrainer workout three days before the race to decide to attempt it. Thus began her most successful year which ended in October at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, where she placed fourth. In between she won every long course race that she entered: Ironman Australia (also for the third year in a row), Ironman Canada, 1/2 IM Florida, and 1/2 IM Racine. 
An extremely hard worker, Lisa spends long hours on her CompuTrainer. She is the founding member of the "CompuTrainer 6 Hour Club"--- athletes who have ridden CompuTrainer continuously for 6 hours!  Much to the delight of this sponsor she's also an enthusiastic communicator and source of pithy quotes like the following:
January 2005:
"Just got off my CompuTrainer - it is a beautiful thing - 2.5 hours today with some intervals. Don't know what I would do without it!!  Thanks for your support!"
September 2004:
"I am traveling to Kona on Sept. 21st so that I can get in 10 solid days of training before I start to taper.  One of my key race prep workouts is a 5 hr Computrainer ride with 3 hours at 200 watts.  Lance wants me to bring my Computrainer to Kona so that I can do this."
February 2004:
"Heading to Florida tomorrow... of course, so is my CompuTrainer!!"
October 2003:
"Riding my Computrainer allows me to gauge my progress on certain key workouts such as my set of 2 x > 20 km time trials. Week to week, I can measure and compare my wattage and heart rate in a setting which is constant and not effected by wind or terrain.  I can visibly measure my recovery from racing and training and my  progress toward the next race.  I call it my "quality control workout". 
January 2003:
"I got the new CompuTrainer last week. Thank goodness ... even in beautiful Florida, we need a Computrainer ride every week!!!  Training is going really well. My wattage is increasing all the time!"