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CompuTrainer Group Training & Racing Spreading Fast

Group training & racing on CompuTrainers, using RacerMate's new MultiRider software, has spread to 50+ locations around the world since it was introduced in February 2004. MultiRider Centers are popping up in coaching/training facilities, bike shops, and sports testing centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, and are beginning to appear in Australia, UK, Holland, Ireland and Israel.

MultiRider software allows up to 8 CompuTrainers to be connected through a USB Hub to a single PC. Up to eight riders can now train or race on CompuTrainers in a group setting. It combines the group training appeal of 'spinning' with the authentic cycling simulation and competitive stimulation provided by CompuTrainer.

Racing on CompuTrainer MultiRider provides the same excitement that is felt in a road race. As the riders move across the screen traversing the hills and flats of the selected course their instantaneous performance data (speed, watts, and distance) appears including each rider's distance from the next rider ahead. At the end of the race the peak and average values
are indicated, and the race data for each rider is printed. Any of the hundreds of real, measured courses in the CompuTrainer software are also available in the MultiRider software.

That data can also be uploaded to the website where a perpetual Ranking system is maintained for important courses. Most MultiRider Centers are hosting race series during the winter months which are open to the public. RacerMate's EBRA (Electronic Bike Racing Association) division is sponsoring a CompuTrainer International 10K Indoor Time Trial series in January, February, and March, 2005 with free CompuTrainers as prizes for the fastest man and women.

MultiRider software contains a second Training/Coaching module designed for non-competitive training purposes. Instead of simulated courses it features Intervals which are scaled in "% of Threshold Watts" versus Time. For example, an interval might be "50% of Threshold Watts" for 3 minutes. Each rider will then be riding at 50% of his own Threshold Watts. Rider 1 with a threshold of 250watts would ride at 125 watts for 3 minutes; Rider 2 with a threshold of 300 watts would be at 150 watts for 3 minutes, etc. (The Threshold wattage value for each rider can also, of course, be measured on the CompuTrainer which itself is a lab accurate bicycle ergometer.)

In summary, MultiRider software provides for both Group races and Group individualized watts training. The MultiRider experience is highly motivational and incorporates advanced bicycle training techniques that lead to major performance improvement. For those looking for something beyond 'spinning' MultiRider is the answer.

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