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CompuTrainer satisfies the needs of young and old alike -- the two extremes (as well as in between). Twelve year old Coryn Rivera of Tustin, California won the 2004 Junior National Road Championship in her first year of racing (and placed 2nd in the Jr. Track Nationals). Her father Wally got her a CompuTrainer at the beginning of the year which she has trained on religiously -- to the point that this 90 lb junior racer can now average 276 watts for 10 minutes and sprint in 500 watt bursts. One of the secrets to her success is constant performance monitoring in watts. Her wattage targets for 2005 have been set to virtually insure her continued success.

. . . . At the other extreme is 71 year old Rick Simons who recently had a knee replacement which he has rehabed in record time on his CompuTrainer using a special crank of his own design and a set of graded cycling protocols which he also developed. In 10 weeks he has regained total range of motion and is again eyeing the racetrack. These rehab protocols have the potential to help others with knee replacements to regain full mobility.
. . . . When he retired in 1994 with no previous bike racing experience (just the most casual recreational cycling) Rick bought a CompuTrainer. He has used it more extensively (80% of his training being done indoors) and more scientifically than any other athlete we know.  He has won countless U.S. national championships in every cycling discipline, and has set many national and world records including 40 seconds for the 500 meter sprint. Rick can be reached at
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Previous quote from Rick:

"When I retired in 1994 I had never raced a bike. Since that time, with CompuTrainer as the center of my training, I have achieved some of the most coveted goals in the cycling world for Masters 65+ class, winning 5 USCF National Championships in '99. In March 2000 I had a pacemaker implant to correct a heart arrhythmia which threatened to end my new racing career. The next day I was back on my CompuTrainer. In July I was able to win 3 National Championships and set a new World Record in the 500 Meters. At the UCI World Championships in September I lowered my 500 Meter record and garnered two World Championships in the 500 Meters and 2000 Meter pursuit.  Believe me, it simply wouldn't have been possible without CompuTrainer"
Rick Simons, 2000 Masters National and World Champion, 65+