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Veteran Pro Triathlete Wins Two National Multisport Championships After Moving to CompuTrainer
Lauren Jensen, a 17 year multisport veteran and 10 year Pro, has suddenly emerged as the 2003 National Duathlon Champion and 2004 National Long Course Triathlon Champion after turning to CompuTrainer for her bike training.

"My CompuTrainer is my BEST training partner"
(Don't tell that to my running dog, Tank)

Lauren Jensen, Pro Triathlete
2004 Pro/Elite US National Champion - Long Course Triathlon
2003 Pro/Elite US National Champion - Duathlon

Who doesn't have limited training time? As a busy Mom, multi-sport coach, professional triathlete and physical therapist - I'm lucky when I bring the right bag with me each time I leave the house. My training has to be specific, focused and efficient. Computrainer allows me to capitalize on every second of my training.

Riding my Computrainer 3 days a week last winter enabled me to establish a phenomenal base. Even during the season, Computrainer allows me to engage in productive training sessions that allow me to perform at my best.

After 17 years of multi-sport racing with over ten years at the pro/elite level, I have reached a higher level by training with a Computrainer the past year. My only regret is that I did not get one sooner. Here are just a few ways I use my Computrainer:

Spin Scan: The Spin Scan feedback allows me to improve my pedal efficiency. I incorporate Spin Scan during every workout. Prior to owning a Computrainer, I was a Blockbuster junkie - renting movies just to get through what I considered to be boring but necessary base miles during the winter months in Wisconsin. Now with the feedback from the Spin Scan feature I stay motivated and achieve better results by engaging my brain while I train.

Flexibility: A frequent workout for me is what I call "napervals". These are intense intervals that I do while my son David (almost 3) takes his nap. After a good warm-up, I start a session of short intervals varying from one to five minutes, each followed by an easy recovery spin. I never know when David will wake up or how many napervals I will do. It makes it fun and somewhat challenging, especially on days he takes a longer snooze. By building in the rest intervals, I usually get at least a few minutes to cool-down when I hear him chatting through the baby monitor.

Leg Balance: Coming off an injury last November, Computrainer showed me that my left leg was doing only 40% of the work while my right leg was doing 60% of the load. With several months of biofeedback from Computrainer, I can now balance the power output between my two legs. Infact, the Computrainer was an integral part of my ability to overcome a 14-month long injury. By getting my left leg to do it's share, my right leg was no longer over-working and creating a chronic re-injury pattern.

Specific Course Practice: I have been able to practice the exact bike courses that I will be on. This has been a significant benefit in preparing both mentally and physically for key events. It is a huge advantage going into a race feeling like I have already been on the course several times.

Motivation: After riding a course, Computrainer allows me to save the results. A week or two later I "race" myself. We all strive to improve and become the best athletes that we can --- there is no stronger incentive than to race against yourself.

Measure of progress: Computrainer displays my wattage output and allows for several accurate test rides. I know exactly how much improvement I am making each week. It also gives me a quantitative way to know when I am too tired to make training progress and need more down time.

At age 36 I am reaching new levels in the sport. There is no doubt in my mind that Computrainer has been the main factor in my new success. I have always been focused and worked hard. Now with Computrainer, I have the tool to realize my full potential as a triathlete.