Monday, December 27, 2004 I 6:18 PM   
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CompuTrainer Prepares U.S. Women’s Triathlon Team for Athens in their own Homes
U.S. 2004 Olympic Women's Triathlon Team All Long Time CompuTrainer Users
The three members of the U.S. Women's Triathlon Team for the 2004 Olympics (Barb Lindquist, Sheila Taormina, Susan Williams) are ALL CTeamers who have trained exclusively on CompuTrainer from early in their triathlon careers. Now they are training on the 2004 Athens course AT HOME. RacerMate surveyed the course (using our precision surveying altimeter), and then created an exact CompuTrainer 3D replica for our athletes. When they arrive in Athens the course will already be in their muscle memory. This is one more advantage that CompuTrainer users have that helps them compete at the highest possible level----GO TEAM.