Monday, December 27, 2004 I 7:54 AM   
  official bike trainers of:
The reports that have come back from the CITT's last weekend were uniformly positive.
The MultiRider Setup itself is a hit. At the Seattle Bike Show, for example, an audience of 50 to 100 people watched each race, and several organizations like the Cascade Bike Club with 5000 members have since indicated their intention to establish MultiRider Setups for their members. The MultiRider Software worked well with no reported breakdowns---not bad for a brand new piece of software! A good beginning.

From a racer in California:
"I wanted to let you both know that I really enjoyed the indoor TT that you made available to us. I hope more of the same is to come. Congratulations on a great event!

From a racer in Seattle:
" I think the format of your race is almost better than an outdoor TT, simply because you can see how you’re doing against the competitors in real time. I was 5 seconds off of 4th place at the Icebreaker, which I had no idea of. I might have pushed a little harder had I known that! The data on the screen tells you everything you need to know. It was more of a rush than I expected.
   Ryan Rickerts
   Captain - Road Squad
   Western Washington University Cycling - Team VIKING"

From a coach and race organizer in California:
"We had a fantastic indoor TT (actually outdoors in the carport at my home). Everyone had a blast. I am very impressed with what you’ve put together – if feedback from the others is indicative, you have a success on your hands. If possible, I will work with others through the summer to put some more on.

As a suggestion while you are tuning the multirider software, if it is possible to create a report for each rider that includes graphs of HR, power, cadence, and speed (and spin scan??), it would be a coach’s dream. It is completely functional as is, but why not dream big.
Thanks for all the fun -- Jay
Jay Gump
[email protected]

From a telephone conversation with race organizer Jim Donaldson in Sylvania, Ohio:
"We staged the event in a health club here. The manager is a triathlete and was interested in having it. 65 people showed up including a regional Saturn Team, so all the race heats were full. A local age group runner who can't run due to an injury raced in the event and beat the time of the two top Saturn riders. It was a great event."