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CompuTrainer 10K Time Trial Kicks Off
Come and enjoy the fun and excitement of bicycle racing in the first annual CompuTrainer Indoor Time Trial at the Seattle Bike Show on March 5, 6, 7, 2004. This is one of many identical events being held around the world under the auspices of the Electronic Bike Racing Association (EBRA) division of RacerMate, Inc., the Seattle manufacturer of the CompuTrainer electronic bicycle trainer/simulator. Whether you're a rank beginner or a seasoned racer you'll be matched with other riders of similar ability to make it a fair competition. If you've never raced a bike this is a good opportunity to see what it's like. If you are a bike racer it will be excellent indicator of your end-of-winter fitness level.
The CompuTrainer Time Trial is a 10 Kilometer race on rolling terrain with grades to 3%. Riders race on their own bikes on eight laboratory matched CompuTrainers.  The riders feel exactly the same loads they would feel on the road at the same speed, grade and gear. Which is to say that the race simulation is remarkably similar to outdoor road racing. Indoors the riders line up side by side facing a large screen showing the course profile, each rider's position on the course, and each rider's race data including distance, elapsed time, and instantaneous/average/peak speed and power.  At the end of the race the riders receive printouts of the race data.  After the race the results from all the events will be merged and posted here on this website so that the participants will know where they stand in the comparison to all the other racers. You can register for the race on this website or by calling us at 206-524-6625. The race fee is $10 with the proceeds going to the many club members who will be setting up the bikes on CompuTrainers, cleaning and nflating tires, etc.  Races will start on-the-hour during show hours. Participants need to arrive at the show at least 45 minutes before their cheduled race time to allow for weigh-in, setup, and other pre-race reparations. The Seattle Bike Show is being held at the Seahawks Exposition Center between the Seattle Seahawks Stadium and the Seattle Mariners Safeco Field. Time Trial participants will enter the building with their bikes through a special entrance on Royal Brougham Way near the corner with Occidental Avenue.  The Time Trial is located just inside the special entrance.  Register at 206-524-6625. or you can use our Online registration here