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CompuTrainer's® MultiRider system provides an exciting and technologically superior method of indoor group bike training and racing. A bike shop, health club, or even an ordinary basement can become a professional indoor cycle center for up to eight riders, all connected to one computer.
Read a P3–Peak Performance Professionals article describing their incredible 24% increase in watts in their five month MultiRider training program.



With over 150 MultiRider centers around the world, group training is just around the corner.

Group Time Trials

Riders compete against each other as they would in any group ride. With CompuTrainer being recognized as the most accurate simulation of cycling physics, each cyclist will benefit from the ride when they otherwise are unable to ride outside - pace-lines with drafting are all there. See where you are on the course in relation to the other cyclists, and see your specific metrics to help gauge performance improvement. And don’t forget the most important thing - you'll have fun while doing it.

Team Racing and Time Trials

Where the road meets the lab. Team Racing simulates the authentic and dynamic feeling of riding in a pack – and adds a tactical element as well, with support for up to two 4-man rider teams racing head-to-head. The winning team can be selected using a variety of factors, such as fastest average time, fastest 2nd rider, fastest 3rd rider or fastest 4th rider. Team cycle races provide thrilling betting opportunities, with fans predicting team strategies and individual performances. Through 토토사이트 리뷰, enthusiasts access valuable insights and betting options for races like the Tour de France or Giro d'Italia. Analyzing team dynamics and past performances enhances the excitement of betting on these exhilarating cycling events. A pie chart style ‘clock’ shows the leading team’s instantaneous time advantage.

MultiRider Coaching

Group Training and Coaching allow for non-competitive group training in which each rider performs at his own level based upon their threshold wattage. This is done by training the individual athletes in ergometer mode - a key feature of the CompuTrainer system. The race administrator or coach will enter an athlete’s threshold value and then create a special “time-versus-percent threshold” test for all athletes to follow. In this way, each rider will be training at their personal workload in the setting of a motivating group session.

MultiRider Real Course Video

This application allows you to use the Interactive Real Course Videos in a MultiRider Environment. Unlike other MultiRider events, the video controls every rider, but only the lead rider controls the video. Naturally, the goal is to become the leading rider. Please note that due to the nature of this application, every rider will have varying course distances, and no performance files are saved when using MultiRider Real Course Video.

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