Melissa Wins Wiesbaden With a Women’s-best 1:18:46 Half Marathon

  Monday, 15 August 2016
  Published in Athletes, News

Congratulations to Melissa Hauschildt – Champion – IM Wiesbaden 70.3 – CompuTrainer User Since 2011

My favourite workout on the CompuTrainer is 50, 40, 30 min hard with 10 mins spin recovery. I like this one because it is hell. Mentally, it is one of the toughest workouts I can do because I sit there struggling for such a long time without any change in cadence, wind resistance, power, or scenery. All the elements remain exactly the same while I suffer. This is a very different scenario to the multitude of stimulation and variation you get when doing efforts out on the road. I think this type of session has the potential to translate to improvements in a race because you can be assured in a real-world situation you are never stuck in non-interrupted power output like you are when you’re on the CompuTrainer.”