Mel Hauschildt On CompuTrainer

  Tuesday, 14 June 2016
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Mel Hauschildt – 38X Champion Triathlete on CompuTrainer

I’ve been lucky enough to be supported by the team at CompuTrainer for a few years now. In that time I’ve had the peace of mind to know I can always jump on the trainer if the weather outside looks terrible. Especially in the winter months when it’s raining and cold outside, I’ll set my bike up on the CompuTrainer and away I go, watching the rain from inside instead of getting wet, cold and having to ride in dangerous conditions.

My favourite workout on the CompuTrainer is 50, 40, 30 min hard with 10 mins spin recovery. I like this one because it is hell. Mentally, it is one of the toughest workouts I can do because I sit there struggling for such a long time without any change in cadence, wind resistance, power, or scenery. All the elements remain exactly the same while I suffer. This is a very different scenario to the multitude of stimulation and variation you get when doing efforts out on the road. I think this type of session has the potential to translate to improvements in a race because you can be assured in a real-world situation you are never stuck in non-interrupted power output like you are when you’re on the CompuTrainer.