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Meet Roger Hospedales

by / Tuesday, 25 October 2016 / Published in Athletes, News

rogeratbalaRoger Hospedales Speaks on His Training Experience

As a CompuTrainer user for over 10 years, its become an essential tool in my training and coaching. In the early years, simply riding a mixed selection courses boosted my race performance dramatically, and as my knowledge of training with power increased, CompuTrainer’s Erg Mode is an indispensable feature that allows me to set my targeted wattages to efficiently and accurately execute my intervals to boost my FTP. Zero time is wasted.

In my coaching, the CompuTrainer enables me to do face to face athlete testing and bike fits (immediately seeing improvements to wattage output and pedaling efficiency). For my athletes with a CompuTrainer, I make use of SpinScan to improve left/right balance, and to target specific SpinScan scores for rides and intervals and their improvements are substantial.

It might not be as glamorous as a new set of race wheels, but with its many features, accuracy, dependability, and durability, the CompuTrainer is the best bang for buck tool for any multisport athlete.