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ON THE ROAD TO KONA - CompuTrainer Age Groupers that are Kona Bound. Linda Hayes - AG - 55-59 - CompuTrainer User since 2011

“Last year I did Ultraman Florida. I had used the CompuTrainer some before, but never so much as training for that event in February! I did 2 sessions of 12 hours to ensure I had the endurance at a good enough speed to make the time cutoff for 181 miles open course. Each time was late in the year with short days. I got up at 4 am and cycled starting in the dark so I could finish in daylight. I used several different courses and displays to achieve goals during the days. Additionally, I live at 6200′ altitude. There is no place to train in winter at altitude better than my garage! Had it not been for the CompuTrainer, I would have had to travel someplace to do these rides, as well as much of the other training I was able to do indoors in winter.”