CompuTrainer Hardware Care

It goes without saying that RacerMate products last a very long time. It’s not uncommon to hear another story of how a CompuTrainer is still kicking an owners behind after 15 years of use. Of course to make something last this long requires a little effort on the part of the customer to maintain the system and keep it going. And if anything does break it has always been our goal to maintain the ability to repair a system.

And while we have your attention, you should ask yourself: What other consumer product is still supported by the manufacturer 15 or 20 years after you purchased it? Here’s some tips to allow that to happen for you.


Powering-Up Tips

To greatly reduce the chance of blowing the fuse in the power supply:

  1. Be sure Power Supply is unplugged from the wall and the Load Generator power switch is in the OFF position.
  2. Hook up Power Supply and DIN cables to the Load Generator and Handlebar unit.
  3. Plug Power Supply into A/C wall outlet.
  4. Now power up Load Generator


Load Generator Care

The worst enemy of all electronic devices is heat. The Load Generator contains a built in mechanical cooling fan which rotates at the same speed as the roller and flywheel. In other words, the faster you go the more air is made to cool the Load Generator. If you are riding LONG uphill grades at low speeds for extended periods of time, the load generator is creating high heat loads with minimum cooling from the built-in fan. It is a good idea to create workouts or courses with interval cooling periods. I.E. inserting level road sections between grades or lowering wattage while using ergometer mode.


Handlebar Controller Care

If the handlebar unit is mounted in a “sweat path” it is recommended to cover it with plastic wrap, or mount it in a place that perspiration isn’t dripping on it. The unit is sweat resistant, but not sweat proof. Damage to the Handlebar Controller due to sweat is not covered under warranty.


Trainer Stand Care

The only care that needs to be given to the CompuTrainer Stand is periodic lubrication of the threaded adjusting rods, Take-ups and the Adjusting Hinge and Knob threads below the Load Generator. It is not unusual for sweat or humidity to eventually rust the threads over time if they are not periodically lubricated. Use 3-in-1 house hold lubricating oil, or some of that good bike lube you have laying around.