Performance Improvement Guarantee (PIG) Courses

Courses are available for use in RacerMate One (RMC version), Legacy 3D Software (3DC version) and MultiRider (CRS version).
Note the instructions below for downloading the RacerMate One (RMC) courses. Windows may attempt to open them rather than download them if you simply click the link.

You must right-click and then click “Save link as…”
Verify the course file “type” being saved is “thiscourse.RMC”
Save in your My DocumentsRacerMateCourses folder.

Windows™ 8 users must right-click and then click “Save link as…”
Course file may indicate save as XML. Change to Save as… *.RMC
and then save in your My DocumentsRacerMateCourses folder.

For our standard Performance Improvement Guarantee

This 10 mile course is used for tracking performance improvement. Click on version extension you want to download below.

• 10-mile Time Trial Course RMC3DCCRS


Tempo Rides

For Tempo rides you are looking for a course with varied elevation, but mild grades, and it needs to be long enough that it doesn’t end before your workout is over. Click on version extension you want to download below.

• Ironman Germany – RM13DCCRS

• Canmore Calgary – RM13DCCRS

• Ironman Coeur d’ Alene – RM13DCCRS

• 50 Mile 5 % – RM13DCCRS

• Ironman Canada – RM13DCCRS

• Ironman Kona – RM13DCCRS

• Windach – RM13DCCRS

• Dachau – RM13DCCRS

• 25-mile Loop – RM1 – 3DCCRS

• 50-Km Loop – RM13DCCRS

• 40-mile 8 flats – RM13DCCRS


Endurance Rides

For Endurance rides nearly any full or half Ironman length course will work just fine. The list is long and rather than post a link to every course in each format we’re providing a list of them for you to look through instead. Most of these courses are already supplied with the trainer software or within the Course Exchange application. Don’t worry if the course name is slightly different than what is listed here. If it says 2007 IM Germany and you find Ironman Germany instead – you can used that course.

Ironman Louisville
Ironman Arizona
Ironman Brazil
Ironman Arizona
Ironman Kona 2004
Ironman Revisited
Ironman Coeur d’Alene
Ironman Wisconsin
Ironman Florida
Ironman Lake Placid
Vineman Full Ironman
Ironman Canada 2004
Ironman Germany
Ironman New Zealand
Ironman Switzerland
2002 IronMan France
IronMan’s Longest Day
2006 Steelhead 70.3
2007 Timberman 70.3
2007 California 70.3
2007 Florida 70.3
2007 Vineman 70.3
2007 Buffalo Springs
2007 Eagleman 70.3
2007 70.3 World Championships
2007 Steelhead 70.3
2007 Lake Stevens 70.3
Ralph’s California Half IronMan
Walt Disney Half IronMan
Blackwater Eagleman Half Ironman
Buffalo Springs Lake Half Ironman
Vineman Half Ironman
White Lake Half Iron
HalfMax Triathlon
Pacific Crest Half Triathlon
5430 Triathlon 2004
Great Buckeye Challenge
Spirit of Racine Triathlon
Georgia Rock ‘n Rollman
Pigman Triathlon
Timberman Triathlon
CATS Half Iron Tri at DeGray Lake
Half Iron Championship Race