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11/29/2012 How to Eat Clean – The Rules Post
11/23/2012 The Annual Plan Post
11/7/2012 Turkish get Up – Possibly the best full body conditioning exercise Video
10/30/2012 Was it you? Post
10/26/2012 It really is this simple Video
10/19/2012 Lessons from Kona Post
10/2/2012 Anatomy of a cycling PB in 2013 Post
10/2/2012 GREAT . . and proud Post
9/19/2012 25 years, 25 Lessons Post
9/6/2012 What’s the next step after a peak? Video
8/30/2012 I love it when a plan comes together Post
8/23/2012 Interview with Elite Age grouper, Colin Hill Post
8/22/2012 Late season Fixes Video
8/16/2012 Rock Solid Video
8/14/2012 Did you choose your parents correctly? Post
8/10/2012 Lessons from the Olympics Video
8/2/2012 A word from Simon’s bike Post
8/1/2012 A word from Simon’s Bike Post
7/18/2012 Reflection – How to make every race a success Post
7/6/2012 You have more in common with Tour de France riders than you think Post
7/4/2012 Post IRONMAN recover plan Video
6/28/2012 The IRONMAN run – how about a run/walk strategy Post
6/28/2012 Active Recovery Post
6/22/2012 10 low cost, low energy tips to help you cycle faster Post
6/20/2012 IRONMAN/70.3 Racing – The Last 24 hours Video
6/14/2012 What is my optimum pedaling speed? Post
6/13/2012 IRONMAN/70.3 Racing – The Final Week Video
6/8/2012 Aero Wheels or Aero Helmet: Which Is The Best Value For Money? Post
6/7/2012 Tapering for IRONMAN Video
5/29/2012 Pre Race Warm Ups Post
5/22/2012 Open Water swimming 2 Post
5/10/2012 Are you a “super responder”? Post
5/8/2012 Open Water Swimming Video
5/4/2012 Training is nothing without good nutrition! Post
5/1/2012 10 weeks to go until your Long Distance triathlon Video
4/26/2012 Interview with cycle Coach Julius Jennings Post
4/24/2012 Stretching can help you to Bike Faster Post
4/20/2012 No fitness, No problem Post
4/17/2012 Strength training should be a year round activity! Post
4/12/2012 Another Threshold Session Post
4/11/2012 Pre Race Checklist Post
4/6/2012 Stretching for improved cycling performance Post
4/5/2012 15 years old & still going strong Video
4/4/2012 Barefoot running – Transitional programme Post
3/30/2012 Definitives Proof Video
3/28/2012 Good weather & your training plan Post
3/16/2012 5 CRUCIAL mind skills you need to race well Post
3/16/2012 Time to focus on FUNCTIONAL THRESHOLD POWER Post
3/8/2012 Sprint Interval Training Sessions – super hard, super short Post
2/23/2012 Catching up with Jodie Stimpson Post
2/22/2012 Champions Post
2/4/2012 Beat the snow – Indoor cycling routines to beat the bad weather! Post
2/3/2012 Planning your triathlon races for 2012 Post
1/30/2012 Another Great kettlebell exercise – The windmil Video
1/12/2012 Developing bike strength through “overgear” work Video
1/9/2012 Whats your constraint? Post
1/4/2012 What to do When the Weather is Bad Post
12/23/2011 Chrissie Wellington Presentation Post
12/21/2011 Functional Threshold Power of 330 at the age of 57 Post
12/20/2011 Variations of the plank Video
12/14/2011 An interview with Rachel Joyce – World Champion Post
12/13/2011 Don’t get fat like the Christmas Goose Post
12/9/2011 Kettlebell swing Video
12/8/2011 Bad Weather = a perfect time to buy a CompuTrainer Post
12/8/2011 CompuTrainer World domination. Not just an idle comment Post
12/6/2011 Lab Test or Field Test? Post
11/28/2011 Perfect Winter Training Program Webinar Post
11/25/2011 Run Pacing Post
11/24/2011 How does one of the world’s best IRONMAN athletes use his CompuTrainer? Video
11/23/2011 Breakfast Video
11/22/2011 Winter Base training Post
11/21/2011 Rehab & Prehab Video
11/18/2011 10 nutrition rules Post
11/17/2011 More from Kona Video
11/15/2011 Swim Pacing Post
11/14/2011 More Foam Roller – The Sl joint Video
10/31/2011 Training Diary Post
10/30/2011 P.I.G. 2 Has Arrived! Post
10/28/2011 The numbers don’t lie Post
10/21/2011 Great Techniques are learned not inherited Post
10/20/2011 8 finishers in the top Post
10/19/2011 I hate it when I get a cold Video
10/10/2011 Kona Race Day 2011 Video
10/7/2011 CompuTrainer in Kona video Video
9/30/2011 End of season recover Part 2 – Assessing your strengths & weaknesses Post
9/29/2011 Active Recovery 2 – following my own advice Post
9/23/2011 End of Season recover – part 1 – My top 5 tip Post
9/21/2011 Foam Roller 2 – ITB syndrome Video
9/16/2011 Introducing the Foam Roller Video
9/12/2011 Here’s another killer exercise Video
8/26/2011 Warm ups & Cool downs Post
8/22/2011 This cost less than £5 and made a massive difference to my cycling Video
8/19/2011 The advantages of being in the Buff Video
8/14/2011 Developing Cycling leg speed Post
8/12/2011 The final piece of the jigsaw Post
8/11/2011 Another great workout Video
8/10/2011 Posterior Chain 2 – Great hamstrings and tight Glutes Video
8/9/2011 Enough power to break a bike chain Post