The results from using RacerMate products, like CompuTrainer, are unlike any seen in the cycling world. Athletes come to us weekly espousing the benefits of using CompuTrainer and Velotron in their daily training. The proof of this is seen on the podiums of almost every race in the world. In other words… the results speak for themselves.

Here are the athletes we are currently sponsoring world-wide – in alphabetical order. Maybe you can be here too. If you are interested in becoming a sponsored athlete, contact us!

Jackie Arendt – I have been training on CompuTrainers for over 2 years and have noticed significant gains in my cycling CompuTrainer works well for me because workouts can be pre-programmed, or if on manual mode, the watts just set at what you want and all you have to do is pedal! read more

Dotsie Bausch – ”CompuTrainer played an integral role in my route to the silver medal at the London Olympic Games. From being able to test your power, spinning efficiency and aerobic fitness to measure improvement, to the cutting edge proprietary SpinScan, CompuTrainer has your back and will help you extract the very best that’s hiding inside of you.” read more

Stephen Bayliss – “I love my CompuTrainer. Even without all the fantastic software that makes the CompuTrainer such a unique and special piece of training equipment, it is also the best static bike trainer on the market. It is my number one choice…” read more

Luke Bell – “As an Australian we know our ‘mates’. They are honest, tell you the facts, never lie to you and are always there rain hail or shine 365 days of the year. So RacerMate’s CompuTrainer is a simple choice. It is one of my mates!” read more

Kate Beviliqua – “Can’t live without it!! I am on it minimum 3-4 times a week! Intervals, Big Gear work, TT’s, ride the course of an up coming race and not have to deal with any traffic at all! There is no hiding on a CompuTrainer, just the way I like it!!” read more

Michelle Bremer – “The CompuTrainer is the best cycle training tool! I use the CompuTrainer for all of my key interval and time trial workouts. I love it, as it gives you accurate power feedback, it makes me push harder with…” read more

Leanda Cave – “CompuTrainer is a valuable training tool for anyone who wants to see improvements in their cycling. As my performances in both the Ironman and 70.3 triathlon distances has improved, as had my progression in my watts I can sustain and hold during intervals on the CompuTrainer. By using…” read more

Ben Collins – “ I’ve been training on a CompuTrainer for a couple of years now, so the partnership is a natural fit. The hard work that’s taken me from an average cyclist to Hy-Vee prime winning cyclist has been overwhelmingly indoors on a CompuTrainer. In the past I’ve used only the basic functions…” read more

Richie Cunningham – ”I just came through a snowy winter in Boulder and me and the CompuTrainer have spent a lot of time together. CompuTrainer is a big reason that I’ve been able to start my season so early (in Panama 70.3 early February). It’s made indoor training a lot more enjoyable. I’ve been able to download…” read more

Jessie Donovan – ”The CompuTrainer allows me to be as effective and efficient as possible for all of my indoor bike workouts. As a mother of 3 young children I love the ease of being able to complete exactly the workout that is scheduled whenever I have the time in the day and whatever the weather. The constant…” read more

Brian Duffy Jr. – ”Without a doubt, the CompuTrainer was one of key reasons I won the USAT amateur national championship this year. I wanted to focus on building my anaerobic engine in 2012, and through the use of the CompuTrainer I was able to execute high-wattage intervals that significantly improved my power. The CompuTrainer…” read more

Erika Erickson – ”Essentially, riding a CompuTrainer at least once or twice a week over the past year and half has really changed my biking style. It has helped dramatically for making me more efficient at time-trialing – more ready to attack the run than ever before. And, training my cadence and…” read more

Chris Glibert – Wanted to let you guys know that I have been doing all of my cycling workouts on my CompuTrainer and have already seen some Awesome results! I love how it motivates me to get better each time I get on the bike. Feel free to check out my workouts at…” read more

Lucy Gossage – “It’s pretty hard training for such a brutal course when your longest local hill takes 3 minutes to ride up! Fortunately my CompuTrainer helped me mimic some of the hills in Zofingen from the less than hilly Cambridge!” read more

Dede Griesbauer – ”I have been a part of the ‘CompuTrainer faithful’ for my entire triathlon career. It was one of the first pieces of equipment I purchased as a triathlete. The simplicity of the hand-held and the functionality and versatility of RacerMate One and other software offerings make…” read more

Romain Guillaume – ”I’m living in France close to the French Alps and during the winter it is impossible to ride on the road. The temperatures rises sometimes the -10 to -15° Celsius. Also, using the CompuTrainer is really a chance for me: I can train & recognize all the bike courses that I will…” read more

Sarah Haskins – ”Computrainer has allowed me to maximize my fitness goals. With living in CO in the winter I can focus on training and stay warm without dealing with the dangerous road conditions. It also helps me maintain my bike fitness when I am traveling around…” read more

Mathias Hecht – “ I have been using the CompuTrainer for several years now. I couldn’t be without it anymore. I don’t only use it in the cold winter months but also in summer as it is an amazing training tool for specific sessions. It definitely helped me to…” read more

Hugo Houle – “Training on the CompuTrainer gave me the power to compete at the World Tour level. Since my coach Pierre Hutsebaut told me to use it, I gained 20 watts per year” Hugo Houle read more

Pierre Hutsebaut (Professional Coach) – “Like Hugo Houle, all my athletes are using the CompuTrainer to improve their MAP and to achieve better performances.”

Pete Jacobs – “Using the CompuTrainer as a weekly part of my training has helped me get more muscle memory, more strength and more efficiency through the accurate wattage and the “real” feel of riding. Nothing makes training easier than touching a button to start an effort, then making it count.” read more

Rachel Joyce – “My CompuTrainer has once again been an integral part of my training this season. During the British winter it is an essential piece of equipment, saving me from the icy roads and I spent a good few hours getting my long rides done indoors. But, it’s not just for rainy days. The CompuTrainer comes…” read more

Rebekah Keat – “My coach Siri Lindley and I and team Sirius squad all use CompuTrainer! We have 6 set up in our “Pain Cave” with a specific Monday CompuTrainer session set every week! For the last 12 months every Monday we have done workouts using power and been able to compare each session. I have seen a…” read more

Nicole Kelleher – ”The CompuTrainer is one of the most valuable training tools available for cyclists and triathletes today. In preparing for a time trial event, nothing…” read more

Jo Lawn – ”Nothing beats dialing in your CompuTrainer to a specific race course!!! You can train in your own house while cycling your way to “HAWI”……. That’s one of a million reasons I loooovveeee my CompuTrainer!” read more

Camilla Lindholm – ”For me, being pregnant, the CompuTrainer has meant everything. In August, I was hit by a car when biking outdoors. It took a while to recover, but my baby was all right – thank God. After that I did not want to take any more risks, so the CompuTrainer has been…” read more

Mackenzie Madison – ”My CompuTrainer has allowed me to get in some of my highest quality training sessions- from non-interrupted intervals to the long early season rides. Its been an integral part of my…” read more

Brandon Marsh – ”I have been a dedicated CompuTrainer user for years. No lights, no cars, no stops, just a very focused workout. I attribute part of my improved performance in 2012 and 2013 to a renewed focus on utilizing my CompuTrainer for the key weekly workouts at home and away! We take…” read more

Josiah Middaugh – ”The most important high-tech gear I own is my CompuTrainer. It has been the single best way for me to improve cycling performance from year to year, especially in the winter. It’s also the most time-efficient way to train on the bike. I don’t think other pros…” read more

Kristin Moller – ”Thanks for the great high tech device. By using CompuTrainer I can successfully complete a professional indoor cycling training on bad weather days on my own bike.” read more

Cat Morrison – ”CompuTrainer is an integral part of my training. From indoor training in the harsh European winter months to fine tuning my bike legs in the summer, CompuTrainer allows me to be smart in my training all year round.” read more

Angela Naeth – ”Without a doubt, CompuTrainer has helped make my cycling more efficient than ever before. SpinScan is a vital tool to make changes in your cycling and address those cycling weaknesses you might otherwise not realize you have! I’m able to have focused workouts indoor that are specific to my needs. It simply, rocks!” read more

Andy Potts – ”The only time I ride outside is when I race; otherwise I am always on my CompuTrainer. I went to San Diego this winter for a month long camp leading up to Cali 70.3 and my bike did not leave the garage once- CompuTrainer is the most used training tool I have!” read more

Melissa Hauschildt – ”No more stopping at traffic lights, negotiating traffic or cycling in bad weather conditions. I use the CompuTrainer for my quality bike sessions so I can get the exact workout I need with no interruptions.” read more

Beth Shutt – ”So the moral of the story is – if you are in the market for a new trainer, I would HIGHLY recommend going with a CompuTrainer. Heck, even if you AREN’T in the market, consider how much better a CompuTrainer would be than your current trainer (I really wish I would have got my hands…” read more

Cait Snow – ”The value of my CompuTrainer cannot be overstated! It allows me to analyze my riding mechanics, ride and become very familiar with the courses I plan to race, and even create my own courses for very specific workouts. This is a tool that triathletes of any level can benefit from!” read more

Jodie Stimpson – ”The CompuTrainer is a brilliant tool that I used to the lead up to the race before coming out to Sedona. My new coach Darren Smith was working on my pedal stroke and making sure I was getting the most out of every pedal and with the CompuTrainer this was a great tool to monitor this.” read more

Magali Tisseyre – ”The best bike splits of my career have come from key sessions on the CompuTrainer. It is my favorite training tool and I work with it throughout the year. It works and its FUN! There is nothing like it to build power, work on cadence and develop an efficient pedal stroke. I am a big fan.” read more

Petr Vabrousek – ”CompuTrainer is my only cycling tool through the whole European winter and I use it regularly even through the summer (watching Tour de France, summer Olympics,…). It has helped my cycling training tremendously!” read more

Marino VanHoenacker – ”For a long time I hated indoor cycling. With the cold winters in Belgium, the only option left for me were training campus in the Canary Islands. Things changed when I got CompuTrainer as a partner, there are so many options to put variation in the training sessions that I…” read more