Legacy Software Support

Legacy software is any software product that has reached end-of-life status at RacerMate. End-of-life status simply means we are no longer developing or supporting new installations of this software. We supply these simply as a courtesy for customers who need them to maintain a previous installation on the same computer it was originally installed, but have lost the original disc. Because software often changes due to needs newer systems require, but older systems don’t get, older software often starts to fail at an increased rate when installed on a newer computer. As such support for it may not exist, other than to suggest getting the newer software, which was designed to run on the newer systems.

As a result of the above, users of legacy software may be required to upgrade to RacerMate one by purchasing it from our Upgrades page if they have an issue running legacy software on a newer computer.

Once software has reached end-of-life status, most support for it will end for all but the most basic installation questions. Users can also access our web forum to ask questions or search for answers previously posted. You can go to our forum here: RacerMate Forum.



Legacy Software download links


Below you will find links to the last full versions of the legacy software. Installing these on computers newer than Windows 7 may result in unfavorable results, so proceed at your own risk with these.


CompuTrainer 3D, Version 3.0 – Build August 2010 – Size: 75MB

Download here


CompuTrainer Coaching Software, Version 1.6 – Build 432 – Size: 2MB

Download here


Topo/GPC Course Creator, Version 2.0 – March 31, 2008 – Size: 2MB

Download here


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