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Designed to perform. Forged to endure.

A cycling trainer's performance is only as strong as its weakest attributes. When we set out to write quality software that champion athletes would use to train, we designed it around the best physical components and construction possible. Durable materials were selected for their longevity and ability to deliver dependable performance over years of rigorous use. Our elegant CompuTrainer® and Velotron® designs are over-engineered to be practical and highly reliable, allowing you to focus purely on your training goals.

Independently run laboratory tests have shown our trainers to be equal or higher in accuracy to ergometers costing significantly more. We're proud to publish our accuracy specifications and power capacity for our units because they are literally first in class. CompuTrainer has an accuracy of ±2.5% and repeatability of ±0.5% or better with over 1500 watts peak load capacity. Velotron boasts an incredible accuracy of ±1.5% and repeatability of ±0.2% or better with a massive peak load capacity of 2000 watts. These specifications have been verified by third-party laboratory testing. Because of our superior precision and high-fidelity designs, RacerMate® is the benchmark all others must match.

Our products are hand assembled in the USA, manufactured in-house at our facility in Seattle, WA. By retaining our own internal production line, we're able to closely monitor our trainer quality and ensure ruggedness at every step of the manufacturing process. We've engineered our products to endure the test of time, both in usefulness and in durability. We expect CompuTrainer to last a lifetime, and so can you.

Even after pioneering the indoor cycle training industry over 25 years ago, we have yet to see our creations outperformed by another design. We're confident that we manufacture the most powerful, durable, and accurate cycle training tool available on the market today. It's the simple reason why so many professional athletes and coaches swear by our products, and produce podium finishes year after year. CompuTrainer and Velotron are also the standard testing ergometers of national cycling teams and elite cycling and multi-sport coaches in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and many other countries.


Attention Velotron customers, we thank you for your interest and support during our one-time Velotron sale. Our inventory of complete Velotrons is depleted, and only select parts are available at this time. Dismiss