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In an effort to better assure our customers receive a product that will provide a greater service life, RacerMate has instituted the following repair/replacement policy:

Minimum Service Charge

We have a minimum service charge of $25 (plus return shipping costs) to test your system. This includes, but is not limited to: checking cables and adapters, dyno testing a load generator, testing a handlebar controller, and replacing a power supply fuse.If no problem is found with a major component (those listed below) you will only be charged this minimum fee, plus shipping. If problems are found in the Load Generator or Handlebar Controllers, the service charge will be waived and you will be charged as indicated below.

Pro/Lab Load Generators (1500 watt) – Serial # 32001 and ABOVE – and ALL Velotron Load Generators:

Out-of-warranty repairs are $195*. Load Generators will be fully inspected, repaired, and calibrated on the dyno to ensure accuracy.
You will be given the choice, before the repair when requesting the return authorization, of replacing these Load Generators for $349*
(normal $625 retail cost) or repairing yours for $195*. Load Generator return is still required to partake in this $349 replacement.
Velotron Load Generator repairs are $195* and replacement Velotron Load Generators, ONLY if unrepairable, are $800*.

Pro/Lab Load Generators (1500 watt) – Serial # 32000 and BELOW:

Due to significant changes these earlier Load Generators can only be repaired for mechanical issues (i.e., a damaged friction roller,
bearings, eddy disc) at $195*. Electronic failures on these earlier units require replacement with a new Load Generator at our service
replacement fee of $349* (normal $625 retail cost). Return of the Load Generator is still required to partake in this $349 replacement.

Critical Training Replacement:

If you are in a critical training period and have a known Load Generator failure, you can request to
purchase a new Load Generator at our $625 retail cost. Upon receipt of your faulty Load Generator you will be credited the difference
$625 minus $349 = $276 refund. You MUST request a return authorization prior to purchasing the replacement.

Standard Load Generators Models Cat 6000 or 8000 (750 watt):

Standard Load Generators are becoming increasingly more difficult to repair due to a lack of parts. If parts are available the cost to
refurbish one of these units will be $395. If the unit cannot be repaired for any reason, you will be given the option will be to upgrade to
a newer CompuTrainer system at current pricing. Our sales staff will assist you with this upgrade if the need arises.

Standard or Pro Handlebar Controllers Models 8000, 8001 or 8002 – Velotron Handlebar Controllers:

All handlebar controllers (CT or VT) are repaired at a flat rate of $95. Handlebar Controllers will be fully tested, inspected for
corrosion, and updated to the latest firmware version. If a Handlebar Controller is unrepairable, it will be replaced for $295*, if
available. Some older Controller’s are no longer available and you will be given the option to upgrade to a newer CompuTrainer
system at current pricing. Our sales staff will assist you in this upgrade if the need arises. Velotron Handlebar Controllers, if
unrepairable, are $150.

Other Repairs:

Power Supplies and all cables and HR sensors are fully tested and will be replaced, if needed, at normal retail costs. Cadence Pucks,
if out of warranty, are repaired at $30 flat-rate. We cannot test Polar chest straps other than battery voltage.

* Any Handlebar Controller or Load Generator damaged beyond repair due to neglect, abuse, improper care, or improper packaging
during return will be replaced at our normal retail replacement costs.

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