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Congratulations to Sarah Haskins – Champion PATCO Sprint Triathlon Pan American Championship

by / Friday, 07 February 2014 / Published in News

CompuTrainer has allowed me to maximize my fitness goals. With living in CO in the winter I can focus on training and stay warm without dealing with the dangerous road conditions. It also helps me maintain my bike fitness when I am traveling around the world for races. CompuTrainer is a must for anyone who wants to maximize their potential on the bike.

One Response to “Congratulations to Sarah Haskins – Champion PATCO Sprint Triathlon Pan American Championship”

  1. Juliana says :

    Hi Brian-Out of the box it includes bscaailly all the software. It just doesn’t include extra videos such as the Tour de France style ones where you race just ahead of the riders. Those you purchase as a seperate package. But everything else as far as all the different modes, etc are all included.Hi Tom-Yup, super familiar with TrainerRoad. Check out this post from back in September with the guys:Note that I didn’t list them above because those trainers are specific to being able to control wattage and thus control the end to end experiance on a trainer. What trainer road does is instead record and display that value on a screen. Awesome stuff, but they can’t apply wattage/force.Hi ConArtist-Great idea for a future post! Going to add that to the list!Thanks all!

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