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Congratulations to Leon Griffin – Champion – Challenge Melbourne

by / Monday, 02 February 2015 / Published in Athletes, News

Congratulations to Leon Griffin – Champion – Challenge Melbourne
“Everyone in this sport has a ‘go-to’. Go-to race kit, go-to pair of shoes, go-to session to get them up, go-to piece of training equipment. My sure fire go-to is my CompuTrainer. Leon Challenge Melbourne FinishIt helps me get the results I’m after, simple as that!”

4 Responses to “Congratulations to Leon Griffin – Champion – Challenge Melbourne”

  1. yuvaraj says :

    great Sportive Congratulations to Leon Griffin , all The best for future also

  2. Fouda says :

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  3. Mitila says :

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  4. Aditi says :

    Nice article thanks for share with us….

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