A CompuTrainer Champion Returns – With a Six for Six Win!

  Thursday, 31 July 2014
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Throughout my pregnancy, maintaining my fitness was important. I believed this was important for the health of myself and my baby. Studies show that if you have exercised prior to becoming pregnant, that it’s a healthy lifestyle to continue as long as there are not any complications. My CompuTrainer was an important tool I used every other day to keep me fit and prepared to return back to racing. Once I found I was pregnant, I was too nervous to ride outside on the road for fear of harming my baby. The CompuTrainer was the perfect solution to be able to ride and stay safe. One of the first signs that I was pregnant was an elevated heart rate. I had a hard time riding outside on steep hills as my heart rate would skyrocket. Riding on the trainer gave me the assurance that I would not overexert myself during pregnancy and could ride at a steady, controlled, monitored pace.

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At the beginning of pregnancy, I often felt very fatigued. Getting in a short CompuTrainer ride, I actually felt like I had more energy and felt better. About six months into my pregnancy, running proved to be too uncomfortable, so I focused even more so on riding. Between the three sports, riding was the easiest for me to complete. My husband raised up my bars to an increased vertical position as I progressed in my pregnancy so that I could continue to ride comfortably. After Caroline was born, I was surprised I could get back on the bike trainer just two weeks later (and was comfortable!) I began my postpartum training at a moderate to light effort considering I was not sleeping much and adjusting to motherhood. Several months after Caroline was born, I could monitor my heart rate and wattage progression while on the trainer.

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The CompuTrainer is a vital tool for all mothers to be able to get in their training while working out at home. I was not able to ride on the road until at least three months after Caroline was born. Due to the fact I was a nursing mother, she would need eat every two to three hours. On the trainer I could easily get off the bike, feed her and then continue my workout. This would not be possible if I was out on the road. In addition, CompuTrainer made it possible for me to ride at home while Caroline was taking her naps. In addition, the CompuTrainer allows me to be very time efficient. I can accomplish a hard one hour to 90 minute quality session that would take me much longer to complete on the road. I love being able to be efficient and be able to scientifically track my progression with set watt parameters. I am also able to prepare for courses I have not had the opportunity to ride and can “pre-ride” and train on the courses. This is a huge advantage leading into race day as I am familiar with the course. This allows me to track my fitness as i was returning back to racing fitness for the 2014 season. Thank you CompuTrainer for helping me to achieve six for six wins in 2014 after the birth of my daughter Caroline. I continue to use CompuTrainer as a vital key to my triathlon success.

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