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Pro - Basic Hardware  
  The Hardware and Electronic System of the CompuTrainer creates resistance loads in excess of 1500 Watts. Independant laboratory tests have shown it equal in accuracy to instruments such as the SRM and Lode systems which cost much more. Because of its superior accuracy and outstanding durability, the CompuTrainer system has become the standard testing ergometer of national team and elite cycling and multi-sport coaches in the U.S.A., Canada and other countries.

The CompuTrainer also has the advantage of portability; an optional carrying case is available which the airlines accept as accompanying baggage. The CompuTrainer system fits bicycles with standard wheel diameters of 26″, 27″, 650cm, & 700cm. (An adaptor is available for 24″ wheels).
PRO BASIC (Stand Alone)
1500 Watt Electronic Load Generator
Microprocessor Handlebar Controller with LCD Display
Posilock Rear Mount Stand
Cadence Sensor
Polar Wireless HR Receiver (requires a Polar coded or non-coded chest strap which is not included.  Will not work with Polar’s W.I.N.D. model).
Front Wheel Support
Power Supply
Electronic Bike Fit
Monitor your progress
Training Manual by coach Joe Friel
The patented design of the Pro Load Generator gives it the highest power density of any in the industry. Whisper quiet and silky smooth operation. Simulates grades to 15%. Built to last a lifetime.
  – 1500+ Watts Peak Load Capacity
  – Laboratory verified accuracy of ±2.5%
  – Dynamically Balanced Flywheel – vibration free
  – ABEC1 Aircraft Ball Bearings

The Lab Load Generator is calibrated on a dynamometer and sorted to an even higher degree of accuracy. It is ideally suited for use in MultiRider systems group racing/training and coaching along with any other application where the highest degree of accuracy is desired.
Microprocessor controller for stand-alone operation and for selection and control of interactive software functions. LCD displays shows:
  – Speed
  – Watts
  – Cadence
  – Heartrate
  – Distance
  – Time
  – 59 Preset & Random Programs
  – Rolling Resistance Calibration
  – Precision Ergometer Mode
  (maintains fixed wattage loads from 50 to 1000 watts)
Indestructible construction features like steel investment castings with internal lock make this the strongest stand in the industry by a wide margin. The only stand capable of supporting a tandem bike with two riders. Exceptionally wide footprint guarantees stability during out-of-the-saddle climbs/sprints.
Mounts on rear chainstay
Polar Coded Wireless Heart Rate System
  CompTrainer Travel Case
  Computer Aerobar Training Mount
  Continental Home Training Tire
  VaricrankTM Adjustable Length Crank