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Sunday, January 19, 2014 I 2:02 AM   
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  The DYNAFIT CompuTrainer combines a CompuTrainer (LAB version) with an extendable fork mount stand and a Dynafit adjustable bike. The bike fits riders from 4’8" to 6’10" by adjusting seat height and fore/aft position, stem height, and handlebar fore/aft position. Square seat post and stem assemblies insure fixed, secure alignment; stainless steel construction protects against corrosion from sweat. Etched length markers on the seat post, seat slide, stem and handlebar slide facilitate precise, repeatable positioning. Heavy duty, three cross member, fork mount is well suited to commercial usage.

The DYNAFIT bike is available either complete (as shown) OR as a basic frame to be built into a  bike. (Also available without bike/frame.)

Comes with or without interactive 3D Software.
Super Strong Adjustable Frame:
    • Seat height fore/aft
    • Handlebar Controller height/fore/aft
    • Comfort seat (FSA saddle)
    • Aerobars – profile design (optional accessory)
    • VariCrank adjustable crank (optional accessory)
Component Parts:
    • ATB Toe-clip/Shimano SPD clippless combo pedals
    • FSA Vero Cranks (std 172.5mm)
    • FSA Front Chain Rings (53/39)
    • Shimano Ultegra Derailleur
    • Shimano 105 Rear Derailleur
    • Mavic Opensport 32 spoke wheel
    • Continental Indoor Training Tire
1500 Watt Electronic Load Generator
Microprocessor Handlebar Controller with LCD Display
Cadence Sensor
Polar Heartrate Monitor 
Power Supply
Electronic Bike Fit
Monitor your progress
Training Manual by coach Joe Friel