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Coaching Software reads all course files available for RacerMate software to allow you to test without having to launch the parent application the course file belongs to. Run 3D created courses right within Coaching Software.
Coaching Software reads all performance file types from all CompuTrainer or Velotron Software.  Performance data (watts, heart rate, cadence, speed, distance, time, SpinScan) is displayed at a resolution of up to 30 times a second to enable precision monitoring of performance improvements.
All data is displayed in graph form with custom zoom windows to allow you to look closely at selected sections of the performance data.  You can also scroll through the data when fully zoomed in to see the data playback just as it was recorded.
Performance files can be exported as ASCII text format for use in spreadsheet programs and 3rd party software analyzation programs like Cycling PeaksTM Software.
Coaches love the custom Time/Watt Ergo test protocols (.erg files), which can be created and emailed to their athletes.  This approach guarantees maximum repeatability and minimum chance for miscommunication in prescribing workouts.  Performance files can then be returned to the coach allowing for further analysis and changes to the workouts as needed. Programmable RPM "floating pointer" helps the athlete maintain steady cadence, which is critical to fixed wattage testing.  
Manual Ergo tests can also be run with Coaching Software.  This allows the coach or athlete to increase wattages at a timing based upon exertion rather than from an automated test.  Similar to Stand-Alone ergo mode, but with performance saving functions.  Starting wattage and watt step presets help control this display.
Recently added to Coaching Software is a new improved version of  Full Screen SpinScan display.  This version, which replaces the one found in the PC1 software, adds Average SpinScan, an better screen layout along with easier saving and playback functions.
Screen Capture Utility to allow creating images for future viewing and comparison.
Coaching Software (CS) colorfully displays all of the performance data from CompuTrainer/Velotron workouts and races in the Data Bar at the bottom of the screen, and in user selectable multiple color data channels at the top. The data can be viewed either in real time or from recorded performances. The same data is also exportable as ASCII text files for use in separate spreadsheet programs such as Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, etc.
A special Ergometer feature of the CS software allows the user (or coach) to create custom "watt versus time" workout/training/test protocols in wattage increments down to 5 watts and time increments of 0.01 minute or longer. The CompuTrainer or Velotron automatically varies the wattage load according to the specified watt/time profile with all the performance data displayed in real time and/or recorded for later review. Examine graphed data in detail or in its entirety View short sections of the graph "zoom full-in" to show maximum detail, or "zoom full-out" to see it in its entirety. In "zoom full-in" a moving cursor line scrolls through the data allowing the user to determine the precise relationships between the performance variables at any moment in time.
Requirements and Compatibility:
Coaching Software (CS) operates in tandem with the CompuTrainer ProPC1, Pro3D and MultiRider software.  Velotron version operates only with Velotron 3D Velotron Wingate software.