I’ll tell you what is really stupid!

I got an email over the weekend from “Angry Phil” Surprisingly his anger wasn’t directed at me. Phil was angry that a planned session had, in his eyes, turned into a failure. For the full story, please watch the video below


Well, the feedback from Mondays video blog (or vLog as someone called it) was great. I only upset one person with my comments on diabetes. It seems like the format of you actually seeing me rant is popular, so I’ve done another one for you today. When you have watched the video (3 minutes long)

Simon’s Corner -

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 by
Simon’s Corner –

Simon’s Corner: Sorry for being a day late. Firstly, its hard to type quickly with one hand especially when its the weaker one. Secondly I got sidetracked working through all of the responses from Fridays post. 78 of you sent me an insight to your biggest challenge. Some of you did exactly what was asked

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    In this article I will describe how I perform cycling lactate threshold (LT) testing for the Fast Forward Triathlon (FFT) ProDevelopment Team, and how I specify training zones based on LT power (LTP) and LT heart rate (LTHR).   I will also briefly describe how to periodize a season and provide example workouts. It’s