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British AGers Speak Out – Part 1

by / Thursday, 25 February 2016 / Published in News

Late January/early February is when most “normal” people start to lose focus on their New Years resolutions.
Not so our CompuTrainer ambassadors.
In fact despite the recent run of wet weather in the UK having a CompuTrainer has meant they #NeverMissARide
You can keep up with their progress by clicking on the links below. These will take you to their individual blogs. Two of our UK ambassadors are Suzie Richards and Dan Williams.


Suzie Richards – Top AG athlete, race winner and wanting to make sure  she stays ahead of the competition
Is CompuTrainer making me soft or keeping me safe?



Dan Williams – Novice triathlete, husband and father of one, who finished an Ironman in his first year and now wants to qualify for Kona
Why does it always rain on me?
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