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  Friday, 07 February 2014
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Its not long until the start of the season and in the next few weeks I’m going to share some of my favourite cycling workouts to hit the “sweet spot” .

Remember that the goal is to be somewhere between the first and second turn points – roughly 80-92% of functional threshold.

These sessions are the ones that push me closest to the edge so make sure you are feeling fresh before you get started otherwise you may not finish!!

Longer workouts are at a slightly lower intensity (seems obvious) and the shorter intervals are at the other end of the scale.

Most of my workouts are done on the Computrainer using power so thats how the workouts will be written but you will find some heart rate guidance in the brackets.

This week one of the toughest workouts that i do. Its called AT Push/Pull because you are pulling the AT up by working slightly above (102%) and pushing from underneath by working slightly below (90%).

Its critical that you get the wattages right especially at the higher level because if you go to high it will turn into a Vo2 max workout

WARM UPS (20 mins)

Option 1 –

On the CompuTrainer I use a course called “3 mile intermediate”. It usually takes 10-12 minutes and with a 5 & 6% grade and I’m well warmed up at the end.

If you don’t have a CompuTrainer then use the following warm up

8mins @ 70%ftp (70%mhr), 5mins @ 80%ftp (75-80%mhr), 2mins @ 90%ftp (80-85%mhr), 1min @ 100%ftp (90%mhr), 2mins @ 70%ftp (just EZ spinning) –

Hold same cadence throughout


Option 1 – Called AT Push/Pull this set requires you to work just above and below your threshold for 40 minutes. The set is as follows

8 x (2mins @ 102%ftp + 3 mins @ 90%ftp).

So if you have an ftp of 250 the set looks like this..

8 x (2mins @ 255 watts + 3 mins @ 225 watts)

I find it best to use either the old coaching software or the new “Power training” mode in RacerMate One. This way you fix the power setting you need to ride at and only have to focus on cadence.

Maintain the same cadence throughout and stay focussed as this is one tough set

If you don’t yet have a CompuTrainer and are using HR then shuttle between 2 mins @ 92% mhr and 85%mhr. Because HR is slower to respond this set is a little trickier without power but you can still get into roughly the same ball park. As my training progresses I only alter the wattage in this workout when I have managed to complete the workout in full and then only by 1-2 watts at each level, or after a successful CP20 test.



This type of session generates a fair amount of lactic acid so you need to plan in a reasonable length cool down. Just spin EZ for 10 – 15 mins. Rather than get sloppy, pay particular attention to your stroke mechanics and cadence. With a Computrainer you could use the spin scan and pay attention to good pedalling mechanics

Ok, thats this weeks session. Come back next week for more. Let me know how it works out and please feel free to share with your mates by using the buttons at the top of the page.

Stay healthy & have fun

P.S. If you’ve never tried using power then I highly recommend it. For this weeks special offer I have 4 COMPUTRAINERS FOR SALE AT £1350 INCLUDING VAT, delivery and the Optical cadence sensor as well as a FREE Real Course video of your choice. This offer is ONLY open to the first 4 people to contact me. When they are gone they are gone. You cannot order these via the website. It must be a personal contact by email.


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