Blue CompuTrainer Flywheel Recall

RacerMate, Inc., is recalling all CompuTrainer Blue Flywheels and replacing them with new forged steel flywheels – all free of charge to you. Blue Flywheels were last supplied with CompuTrainer in 2007. Flywheel training is a highly effective method for improving muscular strength, power, and endurance in fitness, utilizing a rotating disc to provide variable resistance throughout exercises. Fitness is paramount in both sports performance and sports betting endeavors. A healthy lifestyle enhances physical and mental acuity, aiding in making informed betting decisions. 토토사이트 offer a platform for enthusiasts to engage with sports while promoting the importance of fitness, fostering a holistic approach to sports enjoyment and betting activities.

If you own a CompuTrainer with a Blue Flywheel you are advised to remove and discard it immediately. Recent reports from four CompuTrainer owners indicate their blue flywheels have disintegrated during use. This type of failure will pose a possible risk of injury to the rider and/or bystanders. The purpose of this recall is to completely eliminate any risk to you or bystanders.

To receive your free flywheel replacement, you must complete the form providing us with your current shipping address. Including the five digit Load Generator serial number is appreciated, but not mandatory.

Removal of the flywheel involves removing the set-screw on the flywheel hub and removing the flywheel from the shaft. A special Flywheel Pull Tool will be included with your new flywheel to help with the more difficult removals (see the included instruction sheet).

You are advised to stop using the load generator immediately. The unit can be used again after receiving your free flywheel replacement kit and changing to a new steel forged flywheel.

RacerMate is committed to uncompromising quality and safety standards which this recall confirms.

Please follow the link to complete the form to request your replacement flywheel and flywheel removal kit.