Winter Power Training with ErgVideo, PCG and CompuTrainer. Only $29.95 Make the most of your indoor training this winter! Join PCG President Tim Cusick, ErgVideo Owner Paul Smeulders, and CompuTrainer CEO Chuck Wurster for this informative webinar on indoor training. Whether you are just getting started with your CompuTrainer, or want to use the Hunter


Another Pair of Happy CompuTrainer Customers - Anne & Mike Reed “In 2009 we had baby #3 and my husband bought a CompuTrainer a week later. We were living in NW Ohio at the time (and now live in SWFL) and he used it to train for IMFL. I also began using it to train,

Dede Griesbauer 2014

Congratulations to Dede Griesbauer - Champion - Ironman 70.3 Taiwan “I have been a part of the ‘CompuTrainer faithful’ for my entire triathlon career. It was one of the first pieces of equipment I purchased as a triathlete. The simplicity of the hand-held and the functionality and versatility of RacerMate One and other software offerings

lionel sanders

Congratulations to Lionel Sanders - Champion - Ironman Florida “The CompuTrainer is singly the greatest bike training tool I have ever encountered. It allows you to take your mind off actually holding a particular output and focus that energy on controlling your breathing and muscle recruitment patterns. I do the vast majority of my biking

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Sarah Haskin’s Recap of Oceanside 2014 “After an action packed few days in Oceanside, CA, I have had some time to recap the weekend.  I finished the race in 3rd and ended up finishing 3rd overall in the Lifetime Series.  I was more than thrilled with my finish!” Read More

Luke McKenzie 2012

Luke McKenzie Reflects on Oceanside “I enjoyed jumping in the final race of Lifetime Fitness series in Oceanside this past weekend. It was awesome to have such a high profile race so close to home and it was a great opportunity to utilize some post Kona fitness. Well … I was more “hoping” the fitness


Simon Says: I’m back and raring to go. The Get out of Shape plan has worked a treat and after a long season the trip to Kona fired up my enthusiasm for all things triathlon. So first up I wrote a short post about some of the lessons I learned from watching the Age Groupers

25 Years and Going Strong!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014 by

What a good year thanks to my winter and spring training on my Computrainer . 70.3 St Croix, third place in age group, second fastest bike split. USAT Long Course National Championship, second in age group and fastest bike split. ITU Chicago Triathlon, third in age group, second fastest bike split.. USAT Age Group Olympic


Congratulations to Nina Kraft - Champion - Ironman Louisville - Oldest Pro Triathlete to win an Ironman at 45 years, 8 mos and 23 days!“Thanks for support with the CompuTrainer. I do my hard training on it, what helps a lot to hold the power:)) ”

Sarah Haskins Article 1 Website

          Throughout my pregnancy, maintaining my fitness was important.  I believed this was important for the health of myself and my baby.  Studies show that if you have exercised prior to becoming pregnant, that it’s a healthy lifestyle to continue as long as there are not any complications. My CompuTrainer was