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Simon Says: With each blog post I seem to be giving you a count down to Lanzarote. This Saturday I have just over 6 weeks to go until race day. Do you ever wonder how much difference 4 weeks training can really make? (Don’t forget the taper). Your own season opener will be getting closer

Simon Says: This Is One Of My Toughest Bike SetsOnce again its a quick email as I head out to Lanzarote for another training camp. This time its a small group of 4 and another opportunity for me to check that all of my CompuTrainer sessions are pointing me in the right direction. I’m pleased

  Congratulations to Tim Don – Champion – Ironman 70.3 Monterrey “So how did I improve my 70.3 biking this winter? One word…CompuTrainer. From quality sessions to easy spins, it is simply the bomb! I use it even when the weather is good outside as it allows me to do my specific sessions so much

Simon Says: Cycling in the Sweet Spot

  Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Simon Says: Only 8 weeks to go now until Ironman Lanzarote and I’m well into the final stages of my training. I’ve been writing about the “Sweet Spot” and the type of training you can do to “tickle” it. Well, its as relevant for Ironman as it is for Sprint distance events, so you’ll be pleased

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  Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Increase your Cycling Power with this new integrated set of three power training tools—CompuTrainer, ErgVideo, and power training guru Hunter Allen’s Introductory 12-Week Power Training Program (built into this special ErgVideo set). For more Information, click here. Each individual tool is the top in its class—working together they raise your cycling power to a new level—guaranteed.

Simon Says: Free Webinar!

  Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Simon Says: The racing season will soon be on us and its time to change the intensity of training. This week I start a 4 part series showing you how to accelerate your fitness in the next 3 months. SuperchargedFREE Webinar – On Wed 19 March, TTC running expert Dave Green and myself will be hosting a

Congratulations to Sarah Haskins – Champion PATCO Sprint Triathlon Pan American Championship “CompuTrainer has allowed me to maximize my fitness goals. With living in CO in the winter I can focus on training and stay warm without dealing with the dangerous road conditions. It also helps me maintain my bike fitness when I am traveling around the world

CompuTrainers are Built to Last! As Jay Stoddard attests to“Just wanted to let you know that I got out my old CompuTrainer (my wife says we bought it 17 years ago) which has been collecting dust in the garage for years and hooked it up and it still works just like new.Probably not nearly as

Using the CompuTrainer as a weekly part of my training has helped me get more muscle memory, more strength and more efficiency through the accurate wattage and the “real” feel of riding. Nothing makes training easier than touching a button to start an effort, then making it count.


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