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Now Shipping – The Seagull Century Princess Anne Metric RCV

The Seagull Century – Princess Anne Metric Real Course Video is now available! Take a look at the preview snippet below, or order here.


Simon Says: Ironman Race Day – How NOT to forget your stuff It seems like I have been planning and training for this event for months and now all of a sudden its only a few days away. So far everything has gone as I planned. I’m as fit as I could be, the right


Congratulations to Kate Bevilaqua – Champion Ironman 70.3 Busselton, Australia “Can’t live without it!! I am on it minimum 3-4 times a week! Intervals, Big Gear work, TT’s, ride the course of an up coming race and not have to deal with any traffic at all! There is no hiding on a CompuTrainer, just the


  Congratulations to Melissa Hauschildt – Champion Ironman Australia “No more stopping at traffic lights, negotiating traffic or cycling in bad weather conditions. I use the CompuTrainer for my quality bike sessions so I can get the exact workout I need with no interruptions.”  

Cody Beals – One of the best triathlete testimonials ever received since it’s from a new pro after his first pro race and after 4 months exclusively on a CompuTrainer and a previous history of mediocre cycling—not a minute outdoors and only 7 hours per week on the bike. He finished 5th two weeks ago

CompuTrainer is proud to announce the addition of our newest Sponsored athlete, Minda Dentler Minda Dentler added her name to the Ironman World Championship history books on October 12, 2013 with her 14:39:14 finish in Kona, becoming the first official woman handcyclist to complete this event. Only using her arms for 140.6 miles, Minda is

Rev3 Quassy Real Course Video Now Available! A NEW CompuTrainer Real Course Video is available for the Rev3 Quassy bike course in Connecticut. It’s an excellent tool to prepare for the race course. The video was filmed by CompuTrainer on race day. With race day over a little over a month away, there is still

We will be shooting some test video in Austin, TX April 24-27. If any CT users are interested in riding for our cameras we would like to capture a scenic and safe 10-20 mile route, possible on the 70.3 course. If interested please text Kevin Lynch at 360.674.8128. Thanks.

Simon Says, Drop It!

  Monday, 14 April 2014

Simon Says Drop It: With spring arriving I’ve heard a lot of athletes complaining about the fact that they don’t seem to have improved much over the winter despite their hard training.Well it may be that rather than doing more, there are some things that they need to drop. If you have a look at

Simon Says: Have you ever ridden anything as bad as this? I definitely haven’t which I suppose is part of the attraction. Anyway, this weekend we are heading off to ride the Paris-Roubaix sportive on Saturday and then watch the famous race on Sunday. The event is known as “The Hell of the North” for


Attention Velotron customers, we thank you for your interest and support during our one-time Velotron sale. Our inventory of complete Velotrons is depleted, and only select parts are available at this time. Dismiss