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RacerMate API Overview

RacerMate has been the undisputed leader in electronic bike trainer hardware since it was introduced in 1988. With this massive install base it is with great anticipation RacerMate now makes available the following Application API for software developers. The potential for new developers to develop for, and market to, this depth of users is unprecedented and should be a welcome addition to users of the products as well.

Software for use with CompuTrainer created by non-RacerMate supported sources usually lacks complete implementation of the correct acceleration curves and inertial effects which all RacerMate products enjoy. Due to the proprietary nature of its physics control system, the CompuTrainer can create a virtual flywheel proportionate to the full weight of the rider and his or her bike. Even Velotron’s comparatively massive flywheel creates much too small an inertial effect and must also be augmented electronically. The use of our developers API is the only method assuring access to this critical function. Developers will also benefit from including SpinScan data in their applications – something non-RacerMate approved applications cannot supply. Arguments have been made regarding the importance of this tool, but it is important to consider whether these arguments may stem from an inability to reverse engineer it adequately. So whether you [as a developer] add a SpinScan function to your application or not, the fact that you can assures – to the purchaser of your application - that you are using the correct development tools.

Any developer can request the API and there is no intent to restrict its release. It is not available as a download from this page, but instructions for its access will be sent via email upon request using the form to the right. This will allow us to communicate with you and you with us about any issues you may encounter. It will also allow us to pass on any issues you encounter to the programmers whereby improvements can be made, if necessary. We are not yet aware the support this may require, but we will do our best when help is needed.

API Request Form

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