• RacerMate One Software
• 8 channel ANT+ stick
• Ant+ heart rate chest strap

NOTE: At this time ANT+ HR is only available for a single live rider. If you have more than one live rider, you must continue to use the Polar wireless HR receivers or all riders will show as the same ANT+ HR value. We will be working to add ANT+ for multiple users in a future RacerMate One update to allow serialized devices to be entered and saved within rider profiles. Riders’ performance directly influences betting outcomes in cycling, with factors like form, strategy, and past results shaping wagering decisions. Utilizing a 무료토토사이트, enthusiasts analyze rider statistics and race dynamics to make informed bets. A rider’s performance can sway odds and determine success, adding suspense and excitement to cycling betting experiences.

ANT+ for RacerMate One
Download here
The above link requires installing RacerMate One 4.0.2 or later first.

Download here

The above links are drivers found on the ANT+ website for making your USB stick function. We are supplying these as a service, but make no claims to use or function. Unzip them and point Windows to their location if drivers are asked for when installing an ANT+ stick.

1) Run the ANT+ update installer to add the ANT+ HR to RacerMate One. This ANT+ application is RacerMate One compatible ONLY and will not work with any of our older software.
2) Plug in your ANT+ USB2 stick into a USB port on your computer.
Please note: this requires a newer 8 channel ANT+ USB2 stick. Due to that fact that older 4 channel ANT+ USB1 sticks are visually the same, you need to be using an ANT+ stick purchased after Jan 2011.
3) Put on an ANT+ compatible chest strap.
4) Make sure you do not have a Polar™ wireless receiver connected to the Pulse jack on your handlebar controller.
5) Start RacerMate One. Once you are at the race screen, you will see your HR automatically. You do not have to change any settings in RacerMate One in order for the ANT+ HR to show.
6) Because this bypasses the Handlebar Controller, HR will not show on the Handlebar Controller LCD screen.

Having issues?
Revert back to a NON ANT+ version.
Download the above file and run it to revert your version of RacerMate One back to a pre-Ant+ version.

Have any questions?
Email us!