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Sunday, January 19, 2014 I 2:02 AM   
official bike trainers of:

Continental™ Home Trainer Tire  Continental Home Trainer Tire

Designed specifically for indoor trainers. Significantly reduces tire slippage and side wall/thread delamination. Tires last longer and hold tire pressure for longer periods of time. Available for Road and MTB.

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CompuTrainer Travel Case  CompuTrainer Travel Case
Take your CompuTrainer with you when you travel without paying excess baggage charges. The Travel Case Doubles as a suitcase for your  clothes which also helps to cushion the CompuTrainer. This high quality, heavy duty case is "made In the U.S." to give many years of protective service.

  • Heavy Duty, 1000 denier black Cordura nylon with all surfaces foam padded.
  • Interior Velcro straps securely hold the Stand/Loan Generator assembly. Extra foam padding protects the Load Generator. Built-in packets hold the Handlebar Controller, Power Supply and Connecting Cables.
  • Four permanently attached wheels and Pull Strap.


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VariCrank  VariCrank

With the revolutionary VariCrank plus CompuTrainer you can isolate and measure the effect of crank length on your cycling performance. Determine your optimum crank length the scientific way and gain that extra edge!

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Handlebar Controller Mount for Aeorbars (Standard)  Handlebar Controller Mount for Aeorbars (Standard)

Standard used to mount CompuTrainer Handlebar Controller to Aerobars.

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Handlebar Controller Mount for Aeorbars (Replacement)  Handlebar Controller Mount for Aeorbars (Replacement)

Heavy duty aluminum mount can easily be added and removed with an Allen wrench. Replaces the standard Handlebar Controller mount.



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Polar Coded Wearlink Wireless HR Chest 										Strap  Polar Coded Wearlink Wireless HR Chest Strap

Replacement Strap compatible with polar coded wireless HR system 



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31.8mm Hook  31.8mm Hook

Replace existing standard 27mm hook with this one if handlebar has useable 31.8mm surface.



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