RacerMate, Inc. of Seattle, Washington, has been the technological leader in the field of bicycle trainers, electronic bicycle ergometers, and associated interactive software for over 25 years. Wilfried Baatz, the company’s president and chief engineer, invented the world’s first Wind Trainer for bicycles which was introduced in 1976. Other “firsts” include the CompuTrainer electronic bicycle ergometer with interactive software in 1986, SpinScan electronic pedal stroke analysis in 1992, and 3D interactive video software in 1997.

The CompuTrainer system, predecessor to the Velotron, is widely regarded as the finest bicycle ergometer/trainer for use with a person’s own bicycle. It has been adopted by the USA Cycling Coaches Association, the Canadian Cycling Association, and the USA Triathlon Coaches Association as their standard testing instrument and training system. The Saturn Cyberbike program, which reaches over 5 million people nationally, also utilizes CompuTrainer exclusively. Thousands of coaches, cyclists, bike racers, triathletes, and duathletes depend on CompuTrainer to improve their fitness and athletic performance—including dozens of national and world champions.

The Velotron electronic ergometer and bike trainer follows in the tradition of CompuTrainer. It utilizes a new, proprietary, design (patent pending) to provide what is considered to be the world’s most realistic and enjoyable bicycle simulator/ergometer. It provides the highest level of laboratory accuracy across the widest power range of any bicycle ergometer in existence regardless of price. These qualities commend it for a range of professional and commercial applications in health clubs, sports science, and medical rehabilitation as well as for home use by individuals who demand the very best. Future plans include the development of an array of software for new applications in health and wellness, multiple unit networks, and internet racing competition.

Strong, personalized technical support is a long-standing tradition at RacerMate. The modular design approach utilized for the Velotron (and CompuTrainer) allows for quick onsite replacement of modules to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

The offices and manufacturing facilities of RacerMate, Inc., and its parent company, FloScan Instrument Co., Inc. are located in Seattle, Washington, next to the Burke-Gilman bicycle trail. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of precision, electro-mechanical systems combined with microprocessor electronics and PC software for use in the aircraft, marine, and bicycle/fitness/sportscience/medical markets. Its highly experienced staff of engineers, administrators, and production personnel creates state-of-the-art systems. Meticulous attention to quality permeates the organization from top to bottom. This personal commitment to quality is reinforced by the fact that the company has one of the lowest personnel turnover rates in U.S. industry. When you buy a RacerMate product, you know that it has been built by highly experienced people.