Coach preferred. Champion trusted.

For over two decades, we've been helping athletes realize their full cycling potential. With more podium finishes than any other trainer on the market, it's no surprise that we're the top choice for professional athletes and training coaches around the world. Read on to see how CompuTrainer® can help you reach your goals.

Andy Potts
"The only time I ride outside is when I race; otherwise I am always on my CompuTrainer....CompuTrainer is the most used training tool I have."
Dede Griesbauer
"I have been a part of the ‘CompuTrainer faithful’ for my entire triathlon career. It was one of the first pieces of equipment I purchased as a triathlete."
Jodie Stimpson
”The CompuTrainer is a brilliant tool that I used to the lead up to the race before coming out to Sedona. My new coach Darren Smith was working on my pedal stroke and making sure I was getting the most out of every pedal, and with the CompuTrainer this was a great tool to monitor this.”
Kate Beviliqua
"Can’t live without it! I am on it minimum 3-4 times a week! Intervals, Big Gear work, TT’s, ride the course of an upcoming race and not have to deal with any traffic at all! There is no hiding on a CompuTrainer, just the way I like it!"
Magali Tisseyre
"The best bike splits of my career have come from key sessions on the CompuTrainer. It is my favorite training tool and I work with it throughout the year. It works and its fun! There is nothing like it to build power, work on cadence and develop an efficient pedal stroke. I am a big fan."
Hugo Houle
"Training on the CompuTrainer gave me the power to compete at the World Tour level. Since my coach Pierre Hutsebaut told me to use it, I gained 20 watts per year."
Brian Duffy Jr.
"Without a doubt, the CompuTrainer was one of key reasons I won the USAT amateur national championship this year. I wanted to focus on building my anaerobic engine in 2012, and through the use of the CompuTrainer I was able to execute high-wattage intervals that significantly improved my power. The CompuTrainer allows me to do very specific, controlled, and effective workouts. Most of my riding is done on this amazing machine."
Sarah Haskins
"CompuTrainer has allowed me to maximize my fitness goals. With living in CO in the winter I can focus on training and stay warm without dealing with the dangerous road conditions. It also helps me maintain my bike fitness when I am traveling around the world for races. CompuTrainer is a must for anyone who wants to maximize their potential on the bike."

The Proof is on the Podium™

CompuTrainer athletes in 2011, 2012, and 2013 won 75+ major triathlons and 150 podium finishes each of those years.

Ahead of the Pack

Even in recent years, CompuTrainer athletes produced an incredible 40% of the top ten male and female finishers at IRONMAN™ World Championships — often champions.

Triathlete Chosen

CompuTrainer, the Official Bike Trainer of USA Triathlon for over 10 years, is used extensively in the U.S. Team’s training and race preparation.

Olympic Success

2012 Olympic Silver Medal winner Dotsie Bausch on the U.S. Women’s Pursuit Team credits extensive CompuTraining as crucial to her performance.