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Please read the FAQ’s below for a resolution to an issue you may have with your CompuTrainer or VeloTron. If you do not see your question or issue presented below, please check the RacerMate Forum link before contacting technical support.  If all-else fails and you need to contact us or send an item to us, please click the appropriate option below to request further assistance.

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Our most common support questions:


• I am using RacerMate One and I can't get my rider to go. Interestingly, I can do the warm up and calibration just fine.
On the race staging screen (where you select the course you want to ride) there is a Rider Setup in the top left of the screen. You do not have your rider on the same line as the location of your trainer. Press Setup next to Rider and select (presumably) Position 1 and set your rider profile to that spot. More on this can be found on our forum here.


• I am trying to use my ANT+ heart rate in RacerMate One and I can't get it to work. Can you help me?
We are maintaining a thread on our forum regarding ANT+ heart rate. It is likely the ANT+ agent running in the background, but you can read more about that here.


• I cannot or do not know how to calibrate my CompuTrainer.
The calibration procedure can be found in your user manual beginning on page 14, which can be downloaded online here. Calibration is the measurement of press-on force as described on page 9 of this same manual. It would be hard to relate all of this information again here, so please read these pages again and hopefully you will be better equipped. If your calibration number is 99.99 or the procedure does not respond to speed and remains at 0.00 speed even when the roller is spinning quickly then you may have a hardware problem. If you think you have set everything up correctly, but still can calibrate, contact our service department and explain what you are seeing.


• I keep getting flats on my CompuTrainer. What can be happening to cause this?
We have written a thread on our forum describing what possible reasons could be for this. Please read the following thread.


• I would like to know the status of my repair, order, or support request.
You can send us a note via the Contact Form and we’ll have a look. Be sure to indicate what the return authorization number is, if this is for a repair, in the comments field. Or you can call our sales or service department at 800-522-3610 and leave a message with them.


• I'm confused about Real Course Video registration. RacerMate One shows my courses need to be registered, but I see no way to do it.
RacerMate One does [yet] not contain the registration tool to register these courses. You must install and launch the RCV app found on the disc supplied with the course. In essence this legacy application of Real Course Video is being used simply as a registration application. It must be used one-time-per-course to register the course. Once registered, you can use RacerMate One to ride the course. Please note: If you are tired of seeing the CDAmini course showing as “unregistered” in RacerMate One, simply delete that course folder in C:\Real Course Video\CDAmini and it will go away.


• Like registration, I'm confused about where to find my Real Course Videos when I try to register them.
Courses are stored in each their own folder. So if you see one course you are in that course’s folder. Simply go up one folder to see the root folder containing the folders for each course. RacerMate One does not have this issue and each course will display in the course list. This will only be an issue while browsing the course folders using the legacy RCV application.


• I'm a Mac user. When is RacerMate going to make a Mac version?
This is a tough subject. Unlike other Mac apps that maybe do one thing, we would have to duplicate every function to officially duplicate everything we do on Windows in a Mac environment. For the most part it is an issue of market size and cost. We have to be able to justify the cost to both produce and then subsequently support the software. Currently market share (for those who have a Mac they can dedicate to the trainer) is running at less than 10% based upon market analysis done at events we attend. Yet the cost to develop and support is actually higher than it is to do the Windows version – and we would have to keep up with both Windows and Mac updates going forward. With the advent of Intel-based Mac’s, the solution seemed (even to Mac developers) to create a Windows environment on a Mac to run Windows-only software, which is a significantly higher number of applications than that of Mac applications. That’s why that all happened. We have had good success with RacerMate One running on Macs and you can read this thread on our forum about how to make it all work.


• I want to upgrade to RacerMate One, but I'm not sure my computer is compatible with it.
For the most part we’ve had no issues with any newer computer – including Windows™ 8.1, but as computers get older, so do their drivers and support from the manufacturers of that computer and internal components. Support for Windows™ XP has all but ended, so if the software is not running well on XP, and you have all the latest drivers – there is little we can do. If you want to give the software a try, you can download a demo version here and see what happens with it. Also if you are using an older serial adapter or USB-to-serial adapter from an older CompuTrainer, you will want to upgrade to our latest USB adapter for anything newer than Windows™ XP.


• What is Stand-Alone Mode and what can I do with it?
Stand-Alone Mode is simply using our Handlebar Controller to change resistance on the wheel. You are not connecting to your Windows™ computer in this mode. The Handlebar Controller doesn’t have near as much capability as using the PC-based software, but many use it as a simple ergometer to hold a wattage. It can’t make big jumps of wattage (being limited to 5-watt increments), but if you want to watch a movie and stay at 300 watts for an 1 hour and 30 minutes while doing so, this is a way to do it.


• I see so much talk about applications not made by RacerMate. Can I trust them?
Can you trust them? That is hard for us to say. There are applications made in cooperation with RacerMate and those using reverse-engineered software. If made in cooperation with us, then they must meet our standards. In dyno testing we have found errors in the reverse engineered products, but can’t say exactly what they are at this time. Here is a link to our software page which explains our vision regarding software development. We take accuracy of what you experience very seriously and that is something you can trust.


• My trainer hardware is not working properly or is making noise. How do I get service on it?
The best thing to do is to contact our service department. We’ve created a form you can fill out to provide us with all the information needed to decide how best to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Go here and send us a message.