Congratulations to Melissa Hauschildt – CompuTrainer User Since 2011 – Champion – IM 70.3 Geelong! “No more stopping at traffic lights, negotiating traffic or cycling in bad weather conditions. I use the CompuTrainer for my quality bike sessions so I can get the exact workout I need with no interruptions.”

Simon’s Corner – Who Do You Trust?

Simon’s Corner: Does swimming frustrate you? I know it frustrates the hell out of a lot of triathletes. No matter how much effort they expend, they just can’t seem to get any faster. Of course there could be a whole number of reasons for this lack of progress. In todays video I’m going to suggest

Simon’s Corner – Who Do You Trust?

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Simon’s Corner – How to Protect Your “KEY” Sessions

Simon’s Corner – Who Do You Trust? I discovered a new triathlon related FB page the other day and its doing my head in. Some of the stuff posted on there is garbage (There is some good stuff as well) You wont be surprised to hear that I have already had some heated “discussions” Watch

I’ll tell you what is really stupid!

I got an email over the weekend from “Angry Phil” Surprisingly his anger wasn’t directed at me. Phil was angry that a planned session had, in his eyes, turned into a failure. For the full story, please watch the video below


Well, the feedback from Mondays video blog (or vLog as someone called it) was great. I only upset one person with my comments on diabetes. It seems like the format of you actually seeing me rant is popular, so I’ve done another one for you today. When you have watched the video (3 minutes long)

Simon’s Corner –

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Simon’s Corner –

Simon’s Corner: Sorry for being a day late. Firstly, its hard to type quickly with one hand especially when its the weaker one. Secondly I got sidetracked working through all of the responses from Fridays post. 78 of you sent me an insight to your biggest challenge. Some of you did exactly what was asked

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Congratulations to Cody Beals – Champion – 70.3 Eagleman “Prior to arriving in Texas at the start of April, I did 90%+ my running on the treadmill and 100% of my cycling on the CompuTrainer over the winter. I’ve come to value indoor training very highly.”

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Congratulations to Sarah Haskins – Champion – 70.3 Eagleman “CompuTrainer has allowed me to maximize my fitness goals. With living in CO in the winter I can focus on training and stay warm without dealing with the dangerous road conditions. It also helps me maintain my bike fitness when I am traveling around the world

Josiah Bike

Congratulations to Josiah Middaugh – Champion – XTERRA East Championship. The most important high-tech gear I own is my CompuTrainer. It has been the single best way for me to improve cycling performance from year to year, especially in the winter. It’s also the most time-efficient way to train on the bike. I don’t think

2013 UWC Bahamas Triathlon

Congratulations to Tim Don – Champion 70.3 St. George “So how did I improve my 70.3 biking this winter? One word…CompuTrainer. From quality sessions to easy spins, it is simply the bomb! I use it even when the weather is good outside as it allows me to do my specific sessions so much more efficiently.