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Kate Bevilaqua – 2016 Ultraman World Champion

Tri Like a Girl AND Beat The Guys

Kate Bevilaqua, a 3 time Ironman Champion, made history in August when she not only won the Ultra520K Canada, but Was The First Woman Ever To Beat The Guys, breaking multiple records in the process. Her 10 km swim of 2:37:57 not only set the the women’s course record, but also the swim course record overall. Along with her 149.8 km (93.0 mile) bike split of 4:48:41, her day one total time was 7:26:38.

Kate Takes the 2016 Ultraman World Title

Once was not enough for our little Aussie. She followed for a second round of 3 days of grueling racing, coming in as the top female runner to take the Ultraman World Championship with a total time of 24:44:04 as well as coming in 6th place overall.

For those that don't know the breakdown for an Ultraman Race, the numbers for Hawaii are as follows:

Day 1 – Swim 10k / Bike 90 mi.
Day 2 – Bike 171.4 mi.
Day 3 – Run 52.4 mi.

Interview With Kate and Guy

We did an interview with Kate Bevilaqua and Guy Crawford where they discussed their training with CompuTrainer and how it has helped them become faster, more powerful athletes. Click the image to the right to hear what they had to say..

Kate has been a CompuTrainer Sponsored Athlete since 2002, does most of her training on it and trains on it at least 3 times a week.

"Can't live without it!! I am on it minimum 3-4 times a week! Intervals, Big Gear work, TT's, ride the course of an up coming race and not have to deal with any traffic at all! There is no hiding on a CompuTrainer, just the way I like it!!"

And what would a World Championship be without your family supporting you? (Actually, you can hear Kate whispering to her Mum, "Whatever you do, don't let go. I don't think my legs can hold me.") And Mum, of course, is not about to let go, as you can see.

Congratulations Kate! (Note: We hear she is thinking about doing it again!)

Ultraman World Championship photos courtesy of Janine Kaye.