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Power-Training-Mar-2014Increase your Cycling Power with this new integrated set of three power training tools—CompuTrainer,  ErgVideo, and power training guru Hunter Allen’s Introductory 12-Week Power Training Program (built into this special ErgVideo set).   For more Information, click here.  Each individual tool is the top in its class—working together they raise your cycling power to a new level—guaranteed.  Start now for improved racing results this Spring and Summer.

Optical Cadence Sensor before June 1st, 2014 and  receive one FREE ErgVideo & Hunter Allen Power Package  (a Savings of $346 if purchased separately).  Note:  Power Package to be shipped direct from ErgVideo.

The Power Package consists of 7 Special ErgVideos designed specifically for coordinated training with the integrated Hunter Allen 12-Week Power Training Program on CompuTrainer.  



CompuTrainer Lab Model R985-096-40
W/Optical Cadence (Puck) 


Power Package




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